Huerta Luna Mission & Initiatives

Huerta Luna is a farm researching the best agroecological practices suited for the Galapagos Islands. We aim to accomplish resilient agriculture, and contribute to food security and conservation of the Galapagos from key sustainable collective agricultural practices. We are convinced organic, autonomous, regenerative agricultural practices can significantly steer forward the conservation of the Galapagos Islands. Our key initiatives include…

Collective Research
Huerta Luna is actively researching what chemical free, regenerative, agricultural practices work in Galapagos’ unique conditions, and can be profitable.  Yet, as it looks to teach others what it discovers, it also seeks to provide a space so the farming community can share and learn together from each other.

Local Community Seed Bank
There is no sustainable agriculture nor food security without local seeds, hence Huerta Luna is focused on local seed selection, processing and storage. Its Local Community Seed Bank is expanding to include the training of numerous seed collector farmers and enthusiasts on the island so that independence from imported seeds is achieved.

Kitchen Lab
Galapagos is a relatively new community on the process of creating its cultural identity. We want to contribute so that the latter is based on gastronomic practices that support a sustainable local food system. Our kitchen lab experiments with native, endemic edible species, as well as what we observe grows well and is good for Galapagos’ soils. Our dream is for the menus in the Galapagos to offer new recipes and flavors from ingredients that contribute to maintaining its unique ecosystems healthy.

The Huerta Luna Team

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Karina Bautista

Founder and farming director of Huerta Luna. Karina believes eating wholesome origin food is the best way to support a better and happier Planet. And that it’s even better if done collectively. Huerta Luna was started so everyone, the entire collective community, will one day have the option to choose wholesome origin food on the islands.

Susana Rodríguez

Susana is a mother of three who has been essential to our success since before we even started. Having grown up on the islands, she possesses a seemingly endless knowledge of plant life in the Galapagos, which she put to use on multiple home gardens before joining Huerta Luna. She helps out with operations, our volunteer program, seed collection processing, storage and overall observation. Susana has become not only our wisest and most innovative farmer, but also our main kitchen experimenter, testing recipes with whatever we can forage in forests and grow in the garden.

Maritza Castillo

Martiza is a mother of three whose love for plants brought her to Huerta Luna. Whatever she touches blooms. Really. A face that always shines with a smile, Maritza is in charge of daily operations, maintaining the garden and observing what works and what doesn't. Maritza is an incredibly skillful farmer and is constantly innovating and testing improvements.

Daniel Sotomayor

A restless entrepreneur. Daniel "Bamboo Man" Sotomayor is the founder, director and orchestra man in Guadura Bamboo, the first and so far, the only bioconstruction initiative in the Galapagos Islands. Daniel works daily and tirelessly so that his home (he is a third generation Galapagueño) is build with sustainable infrastructures build mostly with local materials and smart designs that give way to effective use of energy and resource conservation. Guadura bamboo is on the same farmland as Huerta Luna and they both complement each other with a collective mission of a more sustainable Galapagos.

The Children

We’re on a mission to make the world a better place today, but even more so we want to make it a better place for the next generation. When not in school, our children spend their days exploring the farm as we work.


Our Partners

The Seed Guardian Network

An amazing network safeguarding biodiversity and life in Ecuador, we’re currently their only member on the Galapagos Islands, but plan to change that via the expansion of our seed bank. Visit our page to learn about our work with them. Donating to Huerta Luna directly contributes to the Seed Guardian Network.

Mishky Lab

A platform using Ecuador’s gastronomic heritage to protect its biodiversity and to build food security. Mishky Lab works closely with the Seeds Guardian Network to ensure we don’t lose Ecuador’s biodiverse edible species, the history of the plant’s use and place in culture. They aim to integrate these species into today’s society in order to have better food security and ecosystem conservation.

Casa Lago

A family run bed and breakfast with over 20 years of experience in personalized service, Casa Lago is just a few blocks from the main pier in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. They support Huerta Luna by organizing and running author cuisine dinners, where chefs create innovative meals with local Galapagos ingredients; ingredients Huerta Luna finds are good for the soil, local farmer profitability, and Galapagos flora and fauna. They are the heart of our Kitchen Lab.

Galapagos Alternative

THE local Galapagos travel agency for conscious, low environmental impact travel to the Galapagos. We believe they’re doing things the right way and will ensure you have a great trip. They are supportive of our work as well as other farms in Ecuador doing responsible agriculture, forest regeneration and seed saving.