Protecting The Galapagos: Your Donations At Work

The Galapagos Islands are in trouble - tourism is growing, and 90% of the food consumed on our precious islands is imported. Yet that same fresh food presents the highest risk of introducing invasive species to the island, and according to our National Park operators, it’s invasive species that we need to be worried about.

The biggest threat to the Galapagos Islands are invasive species.
- The Galapagos National Park (2014)

Shitty Paradise: The Journey Of The Past Two Years

My intentions to become a farmer first rose when I arrived to Galapagos almost a decade ago, and just couldn’t find local organic food. It wasn’t a matter of price here, it was simply inexistent. There was some local food, but no variety, and nothing, absolutely nothing organic. My necessity to buy local and organic came from my intention to live what I preached, and I have always worked in what was once called “conservation”, now more finely tuned into “sustainability,”…