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Standard Farm Tours

Come see the farm and learn first hand from our founder Karina what we’re doing to protect the galapagos.

  • Time Required: 3 hours average from pick up to drop off, but if you’re in a rush contact us for a custom tour. Tours are on an as-requested basis, so there’s no set time of day for tours.

  • Location: We’re just 15 minutes from downtown Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz island in the Galapagos. Our trusted taxi driver will pick you up.

Contact Us

WhatsApp is the fastest way to reach us.
+593 98 853 6221

Email us and we’ll respond within 24 hours.


  • $20 Per Person

  • Groups of 4 or more: $15 p/p

  • Groups of 6 or more: $10 p/p

  • Additional donations are always graciously accepted to help us grow our programs.

Recommendation: Sustainable Travel Agency

Slow Food Tours

We highly encourage lessening your visit’s impact to the islands by booking with an eco-conscious tour agency. Galapagos Alternative is our pick for the most responsible local agency. Get a custom made itinerary and see Slow Food Travel options at

Make your visit tastier by booking a Slow Food Tour with Huerta Luna and a partner restaurant. This incredible tour includes harvesting plants then having a cookout with a chef from the Slow Food Alliance. Book at

The Slow Food Tour Experience

Frequently Asked Tour Questions

  • Can I book last minute?

    • Sometimes! We love having visitors and can often accommodate last minute tour requests, but sometimes we’re already out on a research project. WhatsApp us for last minute tour requests.

  • How large are the tour groups?

    • Typical tours are 4-8 people, but we’re happy to accommodate you if you have a larger group. Just shoot us a message and we can ensure your group gets the best tour experience possible.

  • What should I wear?

    • You’ll be walking along paths that can be slightly muddy at times, so we do encourage you to wear appropriate footwear. We also suggest wearing pants or something that covers your legs, but it’s not a requirement.

  • What does the tour include?

    • You’ll learn about all of our initiatives and see first hand the work being done at the farm, all while learning from our founder Karina. We’ll cover the current state of agriculture on the Galapagos and it’s impact on the local environment and people, all while exploring the farm it’s self to see the agriculture techniques being practiced. For those up for the extra adventure, we’ll take a short tour of our jungle forest, where we’re researching new ways to grow and harvest native foods while keeping the forest standing, thus encouraging the preservation of forests all over the Galapagos.

  • Is the tour suitable for all ages and abilities?

    • Due to the low-impact trails connecting our farm with the forest we’re unable to accommodate those in wheelchairs, but anyone who can walk a narrow path for roughly 500 meters will be able to enjoy the full tour.

  • How do I spread the word about Huerta Luna?

    • We encourage everyone to share their photos from their Huerta Luna visit using the hashtag #HuertaLuna and #GalapagosSeeds, and to tag us on social media using @HuertaLunaGPS.



Help us build a better, more sustainable future on the Galapagos while visiting these precious islands. Get your hands dirty on the farm with us by helping with day-to-day tasks and special projects, from helping start new test crops to collecting seeds for the seed bank.

Internships & Community Support Volunteer Program
Amazon Learning is a social enterprise that creates meaningful educational experiences. Contact Andy to learn more about our internship and volunteer programs.

We’re also on Workaway, an amazing network that promotes volunteering. Learn more and see what others have to say about us on

Please note that volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum stay of 2 weeks, but an ideal stay is a minimum of four weeks. Please contact us well in advance of your trip.

Frequently Asked volunteer Questions

  • What’s the minimum volunteer period?

    • Four weeks.

  • How much does it cost?

    • Volunteering is free. We’re often able to provide free lodging near the farm for up to two volunteers, with preference given to volunteers staying four weeks. Food is not provided at this time.

  • How old do you have to be?

    • On-farm volunteers must be 18 years or older, but we welcome volunteer support from younger people in our “volunteer anywhere” digital volunteer program.

  • Will I have time to be a tourist while volunteering?

    • Yes! We are very flexible with shifting the schedule to accommodate long weekends of exploring the surrounding islands. Just ask past volunteers or see our reviews on

  • Can I volunteer for just one day?

    • Only for larger groups of volunteers, otherwise we require a commitment of four weeks.